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General Admission Includes:

Your General Admission to Haunted Hollywood Sports includes all 3 mazes; All-American Armageddon, Cannibal Caverns, and Venom©, 2 scarezones' Carnival of the Damned and Outpost Z, and Club Crimson. // Value = $30.. Other attractions (Killhouses, Evil Axis Shooting Range, Group E-Photo, and the Suicide Rock Climbing Rock) are available at an additional cost of $10 per attraction.


Muster the courage and enter our mazes at your own risk. From apocalyptic mayhem, dark fall-out shelters, to ancient temples, Haunted Hollywood Sports offers park-goers the opportunity to venture into your favorite mazes full with new twists, new turns, and unspeakable terror!

In the not-too-distant future, global civilization has collapsed as panic and decay has swept across the Earth. The peaceful walls of your abandoned oil refinery that you call home has just been discovered. Will you run and hide t o survive another day? Or will you finally join the fight as an all out war is about to break loose? Welcome to the end of the life as you know it where survival is a part of every day existence. Gear up and brace yourself fofr Armageddon is just around the corner.
What happened to the Search and Rescue team? Are the caverns and fallouts shelters truly abandoned or are they home to an unspeakable and insatiable evil? Uncover the answers with your team and solve the mystery of the missing Search and Rescue team. Investigate the claims of the caverns and fallout shelters and survive the desolate terrain and the unknown terror that lurks within!
Premiering in 2013, Venom Energy Drink presents "Venom". Venture into an ancient temple, dodging deadly traps, navigating maze-like labyrinths and surviving attacks from countless entities and venemous snakes.


Venture inside our themed Scarezones throughout Haunted Hollywood Sports. The Scarezones offers park-goers the opportunity to meet and greet our infamous Monster Squad while being transported through time and imagination as you reach your favorite maze or Killhouse spread out throughout the park.

The show has just started and these clowns and circus freaks running this dark bit top are always looking for a few new recruits to join their demented ranks. These clowns may have smiles on their faces...but its only to hide their twisted true intentions once you are within reach!
The last salvation for humanity starts here. An outpost struggles to keep civilized nature alive and the undead at bay.


An 18 and over night club and lounge for weary travelers to relax, have fun, enjoy a drink, and dance to some of Southern California's hottest DJ's spinning the hottest tracks, rare-grooves, and your favorite mash-ups! With scheduled celebrity guest performances and appearances, Club Zing is the perfect place to get turned-up and have fun in this 2 story nightclub complete with arcade games, pool tables, smoking patio and your favorite drinks!


$10. per Killhouse (must be 10 years old to participate)

Haunted Hollywood Sports Park, home of the original Killhouse returns with a vengeance!

In 2011, the Zombie Killhouse emerged; an unorthodox and controversial interactive maze that immersed guests into a twisted storyline of survival and decay...a maze attraction where the guests were given the opportunity to actually fight back! Equipped with Paintball weapons, and armed with courage and teamwork, guests were immersed into a gruesome and reality-based storyline before entering the maze of the undead. Armed with courage and teamwork, park goers attempted to complete their mission while desperately surviving countless waves of Zombie attacks. With the incredible response for the original Killhouse, the addition of IR Technology and Airsoft weaponry raised the ante in 2012. In addition, a new Killhouse was introduced to the fold, the Voodoo Killhouse...a dark and magical maze complete with a fresh storyline that pit park goers into a viscous battle of survival against dark magic forces.

Adding variety to park goers, the creators of the original Killhouse returns for the 2013 season with the same twisted formula with refreshing changes and surprises. Guests will have the opportunity to select their adventure or dare in the triple-threat of all Killhouses, Zombie Killhouse, Voodoo Killhouse, and the all-new Deadman's Trail Killhouse!

Haunted Hollywood Sports is home to the famous Zombie Killhouse. Returning bigger and better, visitors will fight against hordes of vicious zombies in hopes to survive the latest in biological outbreaks.
Making another return, the Voodoo Killhouse pits parkgoers against an onslaught of paranormal beings foretold by the local Shaman. Grab the shotgun from undearth the cash register and walk together towards town of endless defeat. "Let's go git them bastards."
All new in 2013, navigate the Deadman's Trail through a thick war-torn jungle of a plagued Pacific island. Facing an unknown threat on unfamiliar land, band together and survive the onslaught of undead natives, soldiers and mysterious forces.

Additional Attractions

Are you ready to challenge your date or your friends at Haunted Hollywood Sports? Put your raw skills, strength, and courage to the test with our insane 40 foot high Rock Climbing Wall! With 7 different climbing stations to fit your skill level, take a deep breath before you scale our Suicide Rock.

$10. per attraction

Killhouses too intense for you? Need a little target practice before you battle the undead? Look no further, EVIL AXIS is perfect for you. Select your weapon of choice, ammo-up, and take aim in this one-of-a-kind shooting range.

$10. per attraction

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